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Obscura Inc. was founded in 2009 as a Creative House, a base camp for brainstorming creative ideas into reality.

Our services include brand consultation and concepting, and if needed we also have our very own photography and videography production team.

Obscura Inc. Founder, Daniel Obscura is an Art Consultant/Video Director/Photographer, who studied his craft from UCLA film school. He is currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia where he also manages a studio for photo/videography, called House of Obscura.

Daniel specializes in art consulting for those who wish to express their product's brand image in a certain way, where he gladly listens to what the clients have to say, and develop ideas together.



He also keeping himself busy, by constantly creating arts while collaborating with local and international artists who share the same passion as he does. 

Making these experimental arts in the form of conceptual photography & videography. His next goal is to make installation art, film and fashion videos that represent his most favorite genre of all, which is, surrealism.

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